Follow up on the 2015 Super Bowl

114.4 million viewers watched the spectacular moment when Patriots player Malcolm Butler intercepted a crucial pass from Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson in the final minutes of the big game. The Patriots won 28, to the defending champions, the Seahawks’ 24.

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The 5 Keys to Marketing’s New Golden Age

The majority of CEOs think marketers “are always asking for more money, but can rarely explain how much business this money will generate.” Despite this, marketing is over a $1 trillion industry and is tasked with pushing growth when organizations


Google Update: Upgraded URLs

AdWords is rolling out UPGRADED URLs for tracking parameters globally to all eligible campaigns. This new destination URL format will be mandatory starting July 2015. Google wants to represent an improvement in URL management with the retirement of “Destination URL” and

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How the C-Suite perceives Value in Digital

Heads of Digital Marketing and, more increasingly, Integrated Marketing Departments have been pushing increased digitalization for years. Now that C-suite level executives are fully on board how will their perspective reshape the way companies utilize digital technology? In their 18th

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