Amazon Product Ads – Can they Contend with Google PLA?

Amazon and Google are competing on many platforms. Amazon is poised to fallow in Google footsteps with PLA (product listing ads) and emphasize growth in the Product ads channel. Along with Google, many other players are competing in the market including Bing.

What are Amazon Product Ads?

APA (Amazon Product Ads) are an easy way to drive customers from Amazon to your website and buy from you. Similar to Google Product listing ads, you only pay when a user clicks on your add. Simply upload your product catalog and set your budget. Amazon creates ads automatically for your products using the information you provide. Customers searching for similar products will see your ads.  The ads appear on the lower part of the product pages, detail pages, buy boxes and more.

Screenshot: Product-Ads-from-External-Websites

Screenshot: Product-Ads-from-External-Websites

What sets them apart?

Conversion Rates Product Ads on Amazon

Conversion Rates Product Ads on Amazon. Source:

Unlike the Amazon Market Place, Products Ads drive the user to your website. The customer then knows who he or she is buying from and more likely to come back and visit your site again. In addition, you control branding and the user experience within your website. You also have to opportunity to retarget the user through e-mail or retargeting campaigns in the Google Display Network with similar or upsell products.

APA have already moved in the right direction with the highest conversion rate (among paid comparison shopping engines) with a 3.48%, the 2nd lowest cost of sale (behind Google) with a 16.06%, and an overall finish of 2nd place (behind Google) all Q4 2013 statistics.

APA is a great opportunity to take advantage of Amazons market without Amazon having control of consumer data or have to pay them large commissions.

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