Baidu Launches Fengchao Image and Text Ads

Is your audience bored with traditional ad formats? Baidu has now added a new feature to Baidu PPC: In the future, the 1st position ad will be equipped with an image. This is a combination format of image and text which will draw the audience’s attention and gain more clicks to your ad. With the new ad format, search ads are moving to an exciting new level.

Fengchao Image and Text Ads Features

Based on the Baidu pay per click, Fengchao Image and Text Ads are an advanced format to include the advertiser’s product image. With the new ad format, Baidu hopes to generate high quality clicks as well as to increase the ad group performance. Furthermore, Baidu will not charge advertisers more for the new format – regular CPC charges apply. It is designed to appear on both desktop and mobile devices. You may find an overview below:

Fengchao Image and Text Ads Features

Comparison: The Traditional and the New Baidu Ad Formats

PPC ads without Fengchao Image and Text function will appear in a traditional layout and not include any image.

Traditional Baidu Ads

With the Fengchao Image and Text function, the audience will see either a product image or the publisher’s logo. The new Fengchao Ad format definitely enhances the brand or product experience.

New Baidu Ads

Setting up the Fengchao Image and Text ads is an easy process. The account manager should follow the application rules of Baidu and set up the image format as requested. Here is the Ad structure for your information.

Baidu Ad Structure

Highly Interesting Format for Advertisers

For advertisers, the new ad format is highly interesting. The new product or brand image promises to generate greater awareness and as a consequence of that more clicks.

Once the advertiser has decided to run the new format, it is crucial to identify the ads that are currently shown on the second or third position. It is important to understand that the image will only be included in ads on the first position. In order to achieve the best performance, I recommend to use simple company logos or images of product. I would try to avoid text in the image.

If you would like to find out more information on the new function on Baidu PPC or other China search engine advertising topics, please feel free to contact our PPC experts at It will be our pleasure to provide you with further support.

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