Baidu PPC to Introduce New Dynamic Search Ads

Baidu has recently booted new feature for their PPC search Ads: Dynamic Search Ads. With this feature, ads and landingpages can be generated dynamically from the promoted websites based on users’ searches and intentions. With the new mechanism in place, Baidu now analyzes users’ intentions and interests and then targets them with tailored ads and corresponding landingpages.

Dynamic Text Elements in Baidu Search Ads

In order to deliver more relevant ads to users, Baidu uses dynamic elements at three different positions. Chinese marketers are hoping that more relevant ad texts will also result in increasing numbers of clicks and subsequently, in more conversions.

Meijia Jiang, one of komdat’s Senior Chinese Search Engine Advertising specialists, describes dynamic ads as a step forward:

“Baidu’s new dynamic ads will help both advertisers and account managers. The three new ad patterns will greatly enhance the formats of ads and improve the quality score.”

1) Dynamic Sitelinks to Enhance Baidu Search Results

Sitelinks have proven to be an effective way of directing users to relevant content more quickly. With dynamic search ads, Baidu will replace the second description line by sitelinks offering the user a more direct access to relevant content.


2) Flexible Descriptions to Match Users’ intentions

Another option to include dynamic text elements is replacing the default description text by text that meets the users’ search queries better. Instead of using the default description, Baidu will search for more suitable text strings on the landingpage and display them on the SERPs.


3) Subtitle for Baidu SERP Titles

Thirdly, Baidu will add subtitles to dynamic search ads. These subtitles are intended to provide further relevant information to the users and increase the likeliness of a click.


Dynamic Search Ads can target different users more precisely. Baidu hopes to deliver more clicks and conversions. According to Baidu’s testing results, the feature improves Desktop search CTR and Mobile Search CTR by 4% and 5% respectively.

At, we are proud to be a Certified Baidu Partner. komdat’s profound understanding of international online markets helps B2B brands to develop successful campaigns in different market environments. Our Chinese Search Engine Marketing specialists will be happy to advise you.

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