China Market Update Search Engines Q1 2014

Google the most popular search engine all over the world – Definitely not in China! In our Market Update Search Engines China we will regularly present the most successful Chinese search engines and their market shares as well as other interesting figures regarding the Chinese’ internet usage.

Search Engines in China

With Google being so dominant in the Americas and Europe, the Chinese Search Market appears to be particularly interesting. Google has never managed to position itself successfully in China. Despite the American search engine’s efforts, Google is clearly outperformed by its Chinese rivals Baidu, 360 Search and Sogou.

Marketshares - Marktanteile - Searchengines in China - Suchmaschinen in China - Q1 2014

Marketshares – Marktanteile – Searchengines in China – Suchmaschinen in China – Q1 2014

Baidu is still China’s leading search engine and has a market share of almost 60%. However, Baidu is facing two national challengers. Together, and Sogou process about 40% of all Chinese search queries. Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t even account for 3% of China’s Search Engine market.

  • Baidu: 58,14%
  • 360 Search: 25,26%
  • Sogou: 13,31%
  • Google: 1,55%
  • Bing: 0,81%
  • Yahoo: 0,55%
  • Youdao: 0,17%
  • Oters: 0,21%


Internet Usage in China

Looking at the number of Chinese Internet users, a market share of less than 2% must be particularly disappointing for Google. In China, there is still great potential for growth as the number of Chinese Internet users has been increasing steadily.


In the last four years, the number of people with access to the Internet has risen from about 420 Million to 618 Million.

  • Jun 2010: 420 Mio.
  • Dec 2010: 457 Mio.
  • Jun 2011: 485 Mio.
  • Dec 2011: 513 Mio.
  • Jun 2012: 538 Mio.
  • Dec 2012: 564 Mio.
  • Jun 2013: 590 Mio.
  • Dec 2013: 618 Mio.

This increase is particularly driven by the popularity of mobile devices in China. The Chinese domain authority (CCNIC) states that at the end of 2013, China accounted for about 464 million mobile Internet users. CCNIC representatives also believe that mobile is a great driver for innovation and search engines’ progress. Currently, more than 365 million Chinese use search engines on their mobile devices which is an increase of 25% compared to last year.

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