DuckDuckGo – Can it Contend with Google and Bing?

The New Search Engine DuckDuckGo is making headlines around the world. What sets this search engine apart? Can it really contend with Google? These are the questions the online community is asking. The recent announcement from Apple provides immediate legitimacy.

Apple Makes it Easy to Replace Google with DuckDuckGo in iOS 8 and OS X

Apple is standing behind DuckDuckGo. “DuckDuckGo is thrilled to be included in Safari (…). It’s great to see Apple making it easy for Safari users to access our anonymous search option.” said Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo’s CEO. ​ Safari has included DuckDuckGo in its list of Search Providers. This allows curious users to try the Search Engine or set it as the default search engine with one click. So what sets this new Search Engine apart? Why would Apple choose them?

New Search Engine Available: DuckDuckGo in iOS 8 and OS X

New Search Engine Available: DuckDuckGo in iOS 8 and OS X

DuckDuckGo – The Solution for Users Who Want Privacy

What truly sets DuckDuckGo apart is the privacy. The search engine does not collect IP addresses. This results in no filtering and all users seeing identical results. In an age of internet privacy on the rise this option is apealling to many. In the week following the PRISM scandal the search engine received a 50% jump in traffic. The search engine averages over 5 million searches per day, up 40% since January 2014. In addition they have released a new and improved version, aimed to more intelligent results and reduce clutter with features like auto-suggest and local search.

The search engine market is a tough one to break into with powerhouses like Google and Microsoft leading the way but with Apple on its side and apealling to the new lust for privacy, maybe this underdog has a chance.

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