Goodbye SEA year 2013 – Hello 2014!

As another great year comes to an end and an exciting new one is about to start, we want to remember the highlights of the SEA world in 2013 and add our wish list for 2014!

July 22nd – Google introduces its Enhanced Campaigns

Of course there were concerns and more than one discussion about it. What will happen to our existing campaigns, will it have a major impact on performance, what about mobile campaigns? But after the roll out and, ever since, everything seems fine. The roll out wasn´t complicated at all, you got support from Google whenever needed and your performance fluctuation wasn’t more than usual. All in all we can actually say “good job Google”!

September 23rd – Google´s new Enhanced Sitelinks

After introducing Enhanced Campaigns, Google also presented a couple of new features such as Enhanced sitelinks. Advertisers now have the chance to specify their ad extensions. Sitelinks are now no longer generic and on campaign level, but can be specified on Adgroup level. Additionally, you can add sitelink descriptions, to have more information for the user and expand your ad size significantly.

October 22nd – Google improving Ad Rank

Google´s Ad Rank will now no longer just use max CPC bid and Quality Score to calculate it, but now also includes ad extensions and formats to its calculations. That means that ad extensions and formats now influence the position of your ads on the search results.  So hopefully everyone is now using Enhanced Sitelinks 😉

Now after looking back at the major changes, what is there that we can wish for in the world of SEA in 2014? 

  • Adwords Editor

Wouldn´t it be great to have editor updates just in time with the launch of Adwords new features? Well, our first wish would be timely updates.

A second wish, that would be a nice feature of the editor is, the automatic import of comments when updating the editor.

  • Google Adwords Mobile APP

Wouldn’t it be great to have a mobile app for important Google Adwords alerts, reports and basic status settings adjustment from your mobile device?

  • Editor for youtube campaigns

Wouldn’t it be great to have an editor not only for search and display campaigns, but also youtube campaigns? It could make work so much easier when doing bulk uploads and optimizations.

Looking forward to more positive developments in 2014 and continuing to build on our strong partnership with Google for the benefit of our clients. Here’s to hoping that Google takes a good look at our wish list.

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