PPC Advertising in Baidu – Get More Conversions

The Conversion Bid Tool was launched by Baidu in December 2013. As a certified Baidu Account Manager, frankly speaking we are very pleased to see this kind of tool which may play a smart bid role to improve the PPC conversion rate. With the function of pre calculation on the different traffic of conversion rates in real time with:

  1.  Offering a higher bid to the impressions with high conversion rate for increasing more clicks and conversions.
  2.  Offering a lower bid to the impressions with low conversion rate for avoiding non- targeted cost of clicks.

By using the conversion bid tool, the user will get an optimized PPC advertising and the most conversion rate out of the budget. Here is a sample:


This tool fits for the following types of conversions:

  • The conversion setting in Baidu Analytics
  • Conversions in Baidu Shangqiao – Baidu’s online chat tool
  • Continuous visits to more pages
  • The Conversion setting in other third party tracking software

If you have any questions on how to increase your PPC campaign in Baidu, please feel free to chat with us. We will consult you the valuable advice and tips on how to get the highest ROI out of your budget.

Thank you for your attention.

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