US Search Engine Market Share Q1 2015

Firefox‘s decision to make Yahoo the new default search engine had a great impact on US search engine market share. With the new deal effective, Yahoo quickly managed to gain +2% in market share and expanded its position in US online search. Marketers are now curious to understand whether Yahoo’s success is sustainable or whether users are switching back to the familiar Google search environment.

Firefox Continuously Popular in the United States

On reason for Yahoo’s gain in market share is Firefox’s increasing popularity. In December 2014, 13.59% of US Americans chose Firefox for their online browsing. Since then, Firefox has been experiencing increasing popularity. Now, Firefox is up to 16.21% maintaining its comfortable position as third most popular web browser in the United States. Google Chrome is still the most popular desktop browser with a current market share of more than 40%. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is continuously struggling having lost about 5% market share during the first quarter of 2015.


Firefox maintained its position as third most popular browser in the USA. Source: StatCounter

Yahoo’s Full Potential did not Materialize

In terms of desktop search engine market share, Yahoo experienced its biggest gain in December. After Firefox’s decision to use Yahoo as default search engine, the search platform increased its market share by more than 2%. In Q1 of 2015, Yahoo’s share was relatively stable at about 10%. Despite Firefox’s increased popularity, Yahoo did not manage to keep those potential new users and is suffering from users changing their search settings back to Google Search.

Yahoo’s continuous growth did not fully materialize. However, Yahoo and Bing remain strong competitors to Google now accounting for more than 20% of the US search engine market.


Yahoo and Bing account for more than 20% US SE market share. Source: StatCounter


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