USA Market Update Search Engines Q1 2014

In our Market Update Search Engines USA, we will regularly present the most successful search engines in the US and their market shares as well as other interesting figures regarding the United States’ internet usage.

Bing and Yahoo Accounting for almost 30% of US Search Market Shares

Compared to Europe, the US search engine market has been more balanced for a while. The latest comScore Figures February 2014 confirm Google as number one search engine. In the U.S. Google holds a market share of approximately 67.5%. Bing and Yahoo are the second and third options of American internet users. Together, they account for almost 30% of America’s Search Engine Market.

US Search Engine Market Shares Q1 2014

US Search Engine Market Shares Q1 2014

Other Search Sites are having a hard time in the US. Together, Ask and AOL currently hold less than 5% market share and there are no signs of a smaller search engine being a real threat to Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Apps Overtake Desktop PC Internet Usage

Internet Traffic USA Q1 2014

Internet Traffic USA Q1 2014

In the United States, mobile apps have overtaken PCs in terms of internet usage. CNN Money states that in January, for the first time, apps were used more often than Desktop Browsers. According to the news network, apps made up 47% of the internet traffic. In addition to that, there was another 8% of internet traffic coming through mobile browsers. Altogether, mobile devices accounted for 55% of the U.S. internet traffic. It is assumed that 55% of adult Americans had smart phones and 42% of them owned a tablet.

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