USA Market Update Search Engines Q2 2014

In our Market Update Search Engines USA, we will regularly present the most successful search engines in the US and their market shares as well as other interesting figures regarding the United States’ internet usage.

Google Remains Top Search Engine in Q2

According to the latest comScore figures, Google remains the most popular search engine in the US. With a market share of almost 70%, Google managed to maintain its comfortable position ahead of its rivals Bing and Yahoo. However, US search engine marketers should consider Bing and Yahoo in their strategies as well. Michael Waite, US Sales Manager at, explains the current situation:

Almost 30% of all searches take place on Bing or Yahoo. That is a great number of users and we advise customers to run campaigns for those users as well. In the US, Bing and Yahoo are serious competitors to Google and must not be ignored. Many of our clients have had great success on the Yahoo-Bing search alliance.


Two thirds of all searches are carried out via Google.

86% of all Americans with Access to Internet

Latest figures from show that almost 90% of all Americans have internet. Despite the countries enormous differences (urban areas vs rural regions), the US data infrastructure provides about 280 million Americans with access to internet. The US can be classified as one of the most advanced digital countries where the majority of people shop products, search for information and share knowledge online. For businesses, it has become crucial to present themselves smartly online as well as offline.

86% of the American population has internet.

86% of the American population has internet.

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