Case Study: Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads – precisely controlled, targeted campaigns

Case study of Siemens, Google, and

Mobile marketing is important, this is known, but is it worth the effort to set up separate campaigns? Absolutely!

That outsourcing has a highly positive impact due to individual control of mobile traffic. Our case study demonstrates with Siemens U.S.: Range and traffic could be significantly increased, while the click rates were significantly reduced. Even the remaining desktop campaigns benefited others by higher CVR. Read the success story here:

Download our case study conducted jointly with Siemens and Google Case Study to separate mobile campaigns.

You already know the benefits from search engine marketing, you also know mobile marketing: Fast and precise. This performance and budget control are the great strengths of mobile ads in the Google Mobile Search. Building on mobile campaigns and integrating it into your online marketing brings immediate results.

Studies show that mobile data services are enjoying increasing popularity for many users.

Also you can use the new way to impress your customers through mobile ads for your products, implemented in a simple and fast way with

  • Advantages of mobile ads at a glance:
  • Technical advice for creating your Mobile Landing Pages
  • High-selling text ads or image-building multimedia ads
  • Click-to-call: Your customers can call directly on the display
  • Accurate traffic analysis and constant budget control
  •  Top position for your mobile ads in mobile search
  • More qualified leads through precise targeting

Due to the increasing technological development of mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs, sales of mobile data services will triple over the next few years. This of course opened entirely new possibilities for the advertising communication. Mobile advertising is expected to greatly increase in market volume, progress and growth in mobile entertainment means that mobile advertising can be targeted and efficiently integrated.

Through mobile ads, you can get the advertising message directly to the customer.

The mobile ads appear above and below the natural result displays in the search engine. This also allows for the advertiser’s mobile website to be visited.

Another possibility is the “Click-to-Call”, a recall system in which the customer can contact the advertiser with the advertising by telephone. The customer gives a phone number in an input section and is then directly connected to the phone advertising.

Besides pure AdText, also graphics, such as banners and videos are supported at Mobile Advertising. Mobile ads make your advertising reach your target audience reach that’s on the move.

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