Online Media

Online media is a powerful tool for branding - cost control, scalability, and 100 percent measurability included. Use online media for your digital strategy! Whereas other online marketing strategies either emphasize the communication aspect or character of online media as an important element of strategic brand management, the main advantage of online media campaigns are strong synergies with affiliate marketing and search engine advertising. And the best part: campaigns can be scaled on the mobile Internet. uses online media to promote your page to the right audience and integrates the goals of the campaigns into your digital strategy.

Strategic Use of Online Media

Unlike traditional forms of advertising such as print or radio, online media can be a direct response to the actions of the user. Thus creating a tailored ad for the customer. This works not only with the classic banner ads, but also with new online media formats. This is not just for the “normal” internet, but also for the mobile world.

Advertising in online media brings important effects:

  • Strong branding effect, e.g. through web videos.
  • Sell-and revenues
  • Synergies with affiliate marketing and SEA / SEO

Full cost control for your budget: campaigns, in addition to the proven cost per thousand (CPM) on cost-per-click optimizes and enables efficient and effective use of budget. brings the best of promotional materials, formats and designs- across media. markets on individual pages, publishers or ad networks to offer the possibility to place your online media ads on premium sites.
The online media campaigns we develop often accompany strong performing landing pages. These lend themselves to strategic campaigns for Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

In this way, your brand message reaches the right audience quickly and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your search engine visibility through targeted and long-term search engine optimization.

Search Engine Advertising

Increase your sales and your reputation by intelligent SEM campaigns.

Case Studys

With more than 10 years of experience in performance marketing and building digital strategies for its clients can look back on numerous success stories.