Search Engine Optimization

For, Search Engine Optimization is a top priority: positioning in the search engines through a proper optimization strategy. Search engine placement is an important detail in planning digital strategies. advises the means by which you can achieve the greatest impact on your search engine ranking.’s optimization increases brand awareness, sell-offs and product visibility. Want to find your product among the top search results on Google? Or you will only find your competition? Present yourself with a revised digital strategy tailored to your search terms and websites from komdat.

Do not leave the results to the competition! understands Search Engine Optimization as an iterative process. Thus, the short-acting tactical elements (eg SEA and affiliate marketing) are supported by a strong base to achieve greater success. Not only does it provide the visibility of your brand and your products, but the affects are long-lasting.

Search Engine Optimization – The Steps to Your SEO Success

We think and act in projects and see Search Engine Optimization as a cycle that fits into your overall digital strategy:

1. The correct term in the right search environment:
With a comprehensive analysis of your website, search engines, and the market environment, creates goals for your appropriate action.

2. SEO Consulting for on-page and off-page optimization strategy:
Your website, your store, and your product descriptions are prepared for a successful first position ranking. supports your search engine optimization by giving assistance through consultation, action plans and workshops.

3. On-page optimization and off-page optimization Analysis:
From the analysis of your website, keywords, search engine market and environment, along with implementation of link building activities, all are used to optimize your web pages. Both on and off-page optimizations are tailored to offer the highest quality of internal control cycles.

4. Complete tracking of your online business and reliable monitoring and reporting:
From the onset, we observe the SEO progress of your web pages with the keywords and measure SEO performance in the traffic ranking. This can provide valuable reports that provide the perfect foundation for future optimization cycles.

Search Engine Advertising

Increase your sales and your reputation by intelligent SEM campaigns.

Monitoring / Reporting

From baseline measurements to measurements of success: brings the technical ability to monitor the implementation of your digital strategy as well as comparisons to industry benchmarks.

Case Studys

With more than 10 years of experience in performance marketing and building digital strategies for its clients can look back on numerous success stories.