Digital Strategy

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the sure path to defeat.”

Sun Tsu

Customized digital marketing solutions for your business. Rather than offering one size fits all digital marketing services komdat takes a holistic approach. This strategic approach begins with understanding your business’s target group and building a customized strategy to match your content to the interests and needs of your target group. Evaluating your position in the greater digital landscape with respect to various channels and the competition is key to developing a powerful and effective online campaign.


Depending on the needs of your business, komdat offers its team of international experts to execute the chosen tactics and implement regular optimizations to ensure your campaigns are dynamic in their response to the market. Finally, measuring performance and adjusting strategy to respond to the ever evolving market is essential to ensuring that you remain on the leading digital edge. is building the Digital Bridge to Transatlantic success!