Precise analyzes is the basis for successful digital strategy: determines the optimal potential of your digital business activities. Improve the visibility of your brand on the Internet and increase the sales of your products by switching your digital business strategy to a new level: In a holistic examination of your website, determines the maximum potential for brand as well as product growth. provides the basis for the compilation of an individual digital strategy. provides analyzes for different disciplines (SEO, SEA, etc.) and places them in the overall context of your business model. determines the most appropriate plan for performance marketing and strategies that can be tailored to your market and your target audience!

Website and all accompanying digital activities are comprised in a detailed study under a “microscope” and finds a snapshot of your Internet performance.

Our analysis already includes the actual implementation potentials, these are examples for implementation.

Examples from our portfolio analysis:

  • Onpage SEO analysis (Technology + Content)
  • SEO analysis OffPage (backlinks and social media)
  • SEO Onpage Competitor Analysis
  • SEA Campaign IS analysis
  • SEA Landing Page is analysis
  • SEA IS Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Potential Analysis On-/OffPage

The analysis prepares is the basis of the optimization, the results measure the overall digital strategy.

The snapshot of your results is presented in a roadmap, timelines and milestones to drive your digital business forward. This planning gives your campaigns more.
Ask: Do your analysis services precisely fit your website and your digital strategy to market to your target group, thus provide more performance for your online campaigns?

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your search engine visibility through targeted and long-term search engine optimization.

Search Engine Advertising

Increase your sales and your reputation by intelligent SEM campaigns.

Case Studys

With more than 10 years of experience in performance marketing and building digital strategies for its clients can look back on numerous success stories.