Monitoring / reporting

Measure success: brings the technical requirements to monitor the implementation of your digital strategy and how to measure against industry benchmarks. Tracking will help you understand how your customers interact with your brand and how they use your site. Without ongoing monitoring and periodic checks, there is no optimization or progress in site performance. Monitoring and reporting are the most important means to measure the success and to adapt to the results obtained. provides know-how, tools for monitoring and reporting to measure the most important KPIs and provide the basis for further goals. This applies precisely which pages, processes and metrics are measurements demonstrate the success of the strategy.

Ask the right questions:

  • What keywords should be monitored continuously in the ranking?
  • How is success generally measured?
  • What are the requirements for reporting?
  • Which search engines have to be considered?
  • How can trends be identified and used for ongoing optimization strategy?
  • How does the increasing regionalization and personalization of search results?
  • What are tools used for, what are their possibilities and limitations in terms of reporting?
  • What strategic insights for projects can and should be derived from reports?
  • What are the requirements and objectives are meaningful?
  • Purposeful individual reports can be created?

These and other questions arise when using performance marketing instruments, and is there to answer all of them throughout the process.

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Improve your search engine visibility through targeted and long-term search engine optimization.

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Case Studys

With more than 10 years of experience in performance marketing and building digital strategies for its clients can look back on numerous success stories.