Quick Checks

How do search engines rank your website? Does it satisfy the requirements of the modern Internet? In QuickCheck, komdat.com experts evaluate your website with care . The instrument, QuickCheck, measures in a snapshot, your Internet visibility, the performance of your digital business activities, and determines an overview of the optimization potential. As a result, priorities for future planning your digital strategy arise.

Even at the first performance measurement of your website findings are important for the design of further measures and the scale of the whole strategy. This will set out the objectives precisely and accurately as well as estimate the expected results. With this added security planning to maximize resources, better project planning and define precise milestones to meet for the campaign.

Quick checks and audits are offered in all disciplines and come in an early project phase.

From our quick-check portfolio

  • SEO Onpage QuickCheck
  • SEO Mobile QuickCheck
  • SEA customers Campaign Quick Check for evaluating existing campaigns
  • SEA Competitor Campaign QuickCheck
  • Website Usability Audit
  • On-page social media QuickCheck

Example SEO Onpage QuickChecks

For example, the checks komdat.com uses for SEO Onpage is standardized assessment procedures on technical and content relevance.

  • The overall result is clearly presented graphically in a pdf document.
  • The document also contains an SEO glossary in the appendix.
  • The individual results of each on-page SEO criteria are expressed in percentages   and briefly explained. 100% means, that the appropriate SEO relevant criterion was fully met, according to 0% means the opposite.

The QuickCheck provides a brief interpretation of the established SEO optimization potential and gives an assessment of the optimal SEO approach. In the QuickCheck, numerous special tools (eg komdat.com and other providers for the application),with  the particular criteria objective are measured.

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With more than 10 years of experience in performance marketing and building digital strategies for its clients komdat.com can look back on numerous success stories.