The workshops are offered in all skills and cover the most important performance marketing disciplines. ensures that the information provided is up to date, useful, and can be utilized practically.

For workshops are the means to tie the preparatory phase of project to specific policy packages with the customers. Therefore creating a tailored design to the optimization phase of the project is a major goal.

Workshops are an opportunity to integrate performance marketing with workflow and install expertise in the departments for the customer.

Our performance marketing workshop portfolio includes:

  • Onpage technology
  • Onpage content
  • OffPage Link Building
  • SEO Social Media

Onpage technology workshop

The workshops for Onpage technology deals with all significant on-page ranking criteria of search engines on the technical level. This includes both the server side (server performance, stability, etc.) and the client-side aspects (HTML structure, charging time, etc.) of the technical Search Engine Optimization.

Workshop onpage content:

The focus is on the content/editorial criteria and the requirements of search engines for websites. This refers to all essential on-page ranking criteria of search engines on the content level of a website, eg Keyword research and copywriting for SEO semantic aspects.

Workshop OffPage Link Building:

Workshops provide the essential link building for OffPage search engine ranking criteria in relation to bank links (eg PageRank inheritance, trust and authority of a website). This includes an introduction to the do’s and don’ts of reputable link building according to search engine guidelines as well as link building plans with sustainable reputable links.

Workshop SEO Social Media and SEO reputation OffPage:

This workshop deals with the criteria and requirements of the search engines for websites in social networks and in connection with the reputation of a website in OffPage area: eg Off-page search engine ranking criteria (likes, shares, +1 s). This is the basics of social reputable SEO campaigns according to the search engine guidelines. Also the do’s and don’ts of link buying and reputation building plans are also covered.

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Search Engine Optimization

Improve your search engine visibility through targeted and long-term search engine optimization.

Search Engine Advertising

Increase your sales and your reputation by intelligent SEM campaigns.

Case Studys

With more than 10 years of experience in performance marketing and building digital strategies for its clients can look back on numerous success stories.