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China Market Update Search Engines Q2 2015

Which search engine is the most popular in China? In our China Market Update Search Engines we regularly update and present to you the most successful Chinese search engines, their market shares, as well as other interesting figures regarding China’s

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Squeezing Analytics: Getting the Most out of Capped PPC Campaigns

In highly competitive Search environments, smart optimization of SEA campaigns has become crucial. With capped marketing budgets, medium-sized brands are challenged to generate the most effective customer touch-points. Using analytics insights intelligently can help create a business advantage and reach

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Boosting Traditional B2B Sales through Digital Insights

Consumer habits are changing dramatically and borders between B2B and B2C purchase or research behaviour have become blurred. With empowered consumers researching different channels in order to find ideal solutions and products, web analytics data and digital learnings become important

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US Search Engine Market Share Q1 2015

Firefox‘s decision to make Yahoo the new default search engine had a great impact on US search engine market share. With the new deal effective, Yahoo quickly managed to gain +2% in market share and expanded its position in US

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Follow up on the 2015 Super Bowl

114.4 million viewers watched the spectacular moment when Patriots player Malcolm Butler intercepted a crucial pass from Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson in the final minutes of the big game. The Patriots won 28, to the defending champions, the Seahawks’ 24.

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