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China Market Update Search Engines Q2 2015

Which search engine is the most popular in China? In our China Market Update Search Engines we regularly update and present to you the most successful Chinese search engines, their market shares, as well as other interesting figures regarding China’s

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US Search Engine Market Share Q1 2015

Firefox‘s decision to make Yahoo the new default search engine had a great impact on US search engine market share. With the new deal effective, Yahoo quickly managed to gain +2% in market share and expanded its position in US

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Google Update: Upgraded URLs

AdWords is rolling out UPGRADED URLs for tracking parameters globally to all eligible campaigns. This new destination URL format will be mandatory starting July 2015. Google wants to represent an improvement in URL management with the retirement of “Destination URL” and

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Shift in US Search Engine Market Share

In December 2014, a new deal between Mozilla Firefox and Yahoo aroused the interest of many US search engine advertisers. With Yahoo now being the default search engine in Mozilla’s web browser Firefox, Google has experienced a noticeable loss in

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Market Update Search Engines Global und USA Q3 2014

In den Market Update Search Engines präsentieren wir aktuelle Zahlen zu den Marktanteilen der Suchmaschinen und weitere interessante Fakten zur Internetnutzung. ist auf globale Marketing Strategien spezialisiert und berät seine Kunden rund um das Thema Digitale Transformation. Mit aktuell

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